What atmosphere do you thrive in?

I am a creature of night. And no, I don’t mean the kind with fangs and the ability to live forever. I do, however, find myself constantly wishing it were dark all the time. Dark, not night. There’s something about darkness that captivates me but I don’t know why, it’s a feeling that I can’t explain.

I get swept up in moments that I don’t understand; like the feeling I get when driving on the interstate through a big city in the dead of night. City lights flashing, skyscrapers towering over me as I pass them by. Such a regular thing by day, but at night it makes me feel like I’m in another world. 

I crave storms; they excite me. Probably because they calm me. I love black skies filled with lightning; withered hands pointing the way to destruction. Trees whipping back and forth in the wind. Rain drumming on the skylight and filling the air with its fresh scent. Having a screened-in back porch is definitely a blessing. Nothing better than catching front row seats to a thunderstorm. If I’m in the house, I leave my windows open, so I can experience it throughout.  

Inside, I’m all about ambiance. Dark walls, decorations. Blacks and burgundy with cream accents. Wrought Iron is my favorite and pewter over gold any day of the week. I used to have candles everywhere, but since I’m living in someone else’s home (my mommy!) , I don’t have much say in the matter right now. But whether I am reading, writing, gaming or watching TV, I generally have the lights off. Trance is my general music of choice, but I also live off The Vampire Diaries soundtrack. I have the Playlists on my YouTube page and whenever I need a burst of inspiration, I shuffle through them. 

I have a hard time reading or writing with anything else going on. I’ve never been one with the ability to tune out anything, so for me, I have to have wordless silence in order to think. But at the same time, that silence bothers me. What a nut case, huh? 

The whole point to my little tangent was not only to let you in on a bit of my inner workings, but to find out what you’re all about, too. I’ve realized that most of my inspiration not only comes from the dark parts of the day but in placing myself inside those dark parts.

What atmosphere floats your boat? Got a little to share?… go ahead & post it in a comment. Devote a whole post to it?… pingback to this post so I can make sure to read it, too!




Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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