I wish I could get paid to design

I have fallen in love with designing cover art for books.

Being an avid fan of indie authors, I spend a lot of time browsing Amazon for new and exciting books for my Kindle Fire. But it amazes me how often I find myself cringing at the mass of badly done book covers. I realize that not everyone is a master of design, honestly I do. But think about it. The cover is one of the most important things about your book. If it doesn’t grab your reader’s attention, they’re most likely not even going to pick it up to read the synopsis. And I’ll be honest, I am one of those people who DOES judge a book by its cover. It could be the best thing to hit the earth since sliced bread, but if it looks like it was created in Paint or some other accessory paint program that comes stock with your computer, I’m more than likely going to pass it right on by.

Graphic design is one of my passions. I love print shop designing. And I’m relatively good at it, too. I’ve designed a book cover or two recently and would love to turn it into something profitable. I need to find SOMETHING to do from home before everything falls apart. But they have so many sites out there now that do just that, there’s no way to market myself on such a small scale.

Realistically, I’d love to be able to open my own print shop from home. Of course, I’d only to be able to do the design portion from home and out-source the printing. Which wouldn’t really be beneficial in way of making money. I could design business cards or fliers or postcards til I’m blue in the face, but with so many do-it-yourself sites out there, there is no need to pay someone to design it for you. It’s all a part of the process now. Which is a shame in a way. By making everything so easily accessible to everyone via the internet we’ve literally eliminated the job market for half the country. (Not just in graphic design, but on a broader spectrum)

It’s just another of the things I’ve found that I’m good at but that will get me nowhere. I’m really starting to think that the only enjoyment I’ll get out of life is by laying in bed and watching NetFlix all day.



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