What’s your favorite TV show…?

I want to know from everyone, if you could only watch one television show for the rest of your life, what would it be? Doesn’t matter if it’s cancelled, brand spankin’ new or older than dirt. 


So I’m newly addicted to the BBC show Orphan Black. In episode 8, Allison and Aynsley get into this soccer-mom slap ‘n’ pull in the middle of their suburban street that was spectacularly hilarious.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show, all I can say is that Tatiana Maslany, the main character(s), does a fantastic job at separating each version of, well, herself. If you were to line them all up in the same outfit, I would still be able to tell them apart by mannerism alone. Unfortunately, I’m almost at the end of the first season since there are only 10 episodes, and I hope they continued the show and didn’t cancel it like it seems many of the stations have been doing a lot of lately. I swear, I can almost guarantee the outcome of a new series by whether or not I like it. As in, if I DO like it, surely it will be cancelled. 🙂

This has prompted me to make a list of the shows I watch(ed)….dun dun dun!

  • My 2 favorite shows of all time without a shadow of a doubt are Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel. I am not ashamed to say that back in the day when DVD’s were still the “it” thing and tv shows weren’t readily available at the touch of a button, I bought all 7 seasons of Buffy and all 5 seasons of Angel. They have seen their fare share of wear & tear as I’ve probably watched both entire series at least 7 times. And my daughter (as obsessed with them both as I am) is still to this day streaming them over & over in our house.
  • Shows I watch on a weekly basis: Bates Motel, Orphan Black, Lost Girl, Teen Wolf, the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, pretty much all of the CW (Reign, Vamp Diaries, Originals, Starcrossed & the 100), Once Upon A Time, Resurrection, New Girl, Suits, Grimm, Hannibal, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, White Collar, American Horror Story, Twisted, Longmire, Believe, The Fosters, Under the Dome, Sleepy Hollow, Rookie Blue, Witches of East End, Mistresses, Graceland, The Returned (french), Supernatural, Greys Anatomy, Drop Dead Diva, Castle, Nurse Jackie, Haven, Unforgettable (was about to add this to my ‘wish there were more’ list but I just found out this was renewed!!!)
  • Oldies but goodies : One Tree Hill, Charmed, Veronica Mars, Fringe, LOST, Heroes, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Rome, the Tudors, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Miami, Weeds, Will & Grace, Ghost Whisperer, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, Wildfire
  • The ONLY kids show I will watch is Lab Rats on Nickelodeon. I’m sorry, but it is just friggin’ hilarious.
  • LOVED at first, but getting stale: CSI: Vegas (was obsessed with until Gil left, then it just went to shit), Justified, Bones, Pretty Little Liars, Being Human (US), Hart of Dixie, Beauty & the Beast (newer version), Covert Affairs, Rizzoli & Isles (after the tragic suicide of Lee Thompson Young I just don’t have the heart to watch it)
  • Like, but can still live without: Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, Revolution, True Detective, Elementary, Defiance, Dracula
  • Two of the shows I wished like hell they’d bring back are Lie to Me and Flashpoint,  and then there’s not ever knowing the full stories on Kyle XY, The Lying Game, or Hidden Palms. I mean, they didn’t even remotely tie up ANY of the story on the latter three… they left you with full blown cliffhangers.
  • Wish there were more: The Fades, Merlin, Camelot, Orange is the New Black, In Plain Sight, Prime Suspect (US)
  • Best Cartoons: Futurama, South Park, Aeon Flux, King of the Hill
  • Want to watch, but haven’t had the chance: Bitten, The Following, Person of Interest, The Tomorrow People, Hawaii Five-O, Downton Abbey, Parenthood, Dr. Who, Falling Skies, Mad Men, DaVincis Demons, Homeland, Warehouse 13, Blue Bloods, Sherlock, The O.C., Royal Pains, The Mentalist, Perception, House MD, Primeval, Sanctuary
  • Meh. Couldn’t get into: Dexter, Psych, Chuck, Parks & Recreation, Burn Notice, Numbers, CSI: NY, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, 24, Eureka

I know, its an awfully long list. But I watch a lot of TV. The sad thing is, there are probably a shitload more of shows I  didn’t ad or just can’t think of right now, lol. You don’t even want to get me started on movies….


4 thoughts on “What’s your favorite TV show…?

  1. Matthew Thompson says:

    I love Orphan Black. You are catching up at the right time because the second season starts up in a couple of weeks! My all-time favorite show is Fringe which I’m happy to see in your list as well.

    • Bree Salyer says:

      I loved Fringe. My favorite character was probably Walter. He had such a child-like mentality it was impossible not to love him (although I will admit it took a while for him to grow on me at first).

  2. Mark Gardner says:

    Isn’t Lab Rats the show with the three kids who are experiments and the mad scientist marries a woman with a kid who convinces the Lab Rats to go to school?

    Revolution had a really crappy finale, I was really disappointed. The problem with Lie to Me, is that the main character isn’t lovable at all. Greg House is just as bad, but you love him.

    As for your “want to watch” list: Person of Interest is really good and I totally think the video game “Watchdogs” ripped it off. The Mentalist is also good.

    • Bree Salyer says:

      Yes, Lab Rats is that show. I love Hal Sparks (he plays Donald Davenport, the father/inventor). I used to see him all the time on VH1’s “I Love the 70’s/80’s/90’s” documentaries and thought he was so hilarious. So I was super excited when I saw he was on a TV show. It’s one of the few shows that me and my daughter watch together. It’s great when I’m in a bad mood because it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Adam is by far my favorite character.

      I just got my first disc of Person of Interest in the mail. But sadly, now that True Blood is on Amazon Prime, I thought I would give it another try and have been glued to the TV since. Needless to say I was pissed off when I realized that they only have ssn 1-3 available. BOO! Amazon.

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