Facebook is the devil

I’ve come to the realization that I despise Facebook. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve logged onto my account maybe 1 or 2 times in the past 6 months because I dread signing in. I don’t know if I’ve become so anti-social that I’ve literally developed a phobia of social networks altogether or if it’s only Facebook. I feel like every time I log in, I’m being stalked. Like, there is a Facebook satellite floating around in space an as soon as you sign in, it monitors your every movement and shares it with the world.

And now, it’s so widespread that even when you’re not ON Facebook, you’re on Facebook. When I make comments on other sites, it makes you sign in with your facebook account and shares them, too. So now everyone knows that at 2:26 pm (when I was supposed to be at book club but called out sick instead) I was watching season 3 of Downton Abbey (gasp! she lied to her book club?) because Netflix told on me. (increasingly scary is the fact that facebook has become so well-known that my grammar auto-correct is underlining as I type to remind me to capitalize it… so that means, what? … that it’s in the dictionary as an actual term now?) I mean, really. What the hell.

I’m probably just being over zealous but I can find more to complain about than anything actually decent about the stupid network. The only real reason I still have an account is so I don’t lose all the pictures I’ve added over the years and because, to be honest, there are people on my friends list that although I may not speak to them on a daily (or even sometimes yearly) basis, its nice to know that if I wanted to connect with them, its literally only a button away.


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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