Daily Prompt 18: Super Sculpture

I have had a headache for days now. Not your normal just a little throbbing action, either. I mean like full blown make-me-wanna-throw-up blinding pain. I actually contemplated cutting my head off from the neck up. But then I realized it’d be awfully hard to watch Lost Girl without a head. So I come to you, through all the agony with today’s scenario prompt.

One night an artist creates a sculpture. Doesn’t know why, but he/she becomes obsessed with finishing it and pours all his/her heart and soul into it. POOF! The next morning they wake up and it’s gone. They report it missing but then shortly after a man/woman shows up in their life that looks oddly familiar. Maybe its the cop that shows up to take their statement? Or a random stranger who shows up on their doorstep? However it happened, they realize that it’s their sculpture come to life.

How about them apples?…..


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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