Daily Prompt 16: Silly is as silly does

Most of us need to have fun once in a while, a little break from our mostly hum-drum boring lives. Something that leaves you feeling like a kid again, remembering what it was like when the most important part of your day was deciding what type of cereal to have for breakfast. So be a kid again for a moment and play Truth-or-Dare with me!

TRUTH: What was the silliest thing you’ve ever done? Whether it was when you were a wee chitlin or even if you were a grown up pulling a child’s prank, tell us what you’ve done that made you feel like a kid.

DARE: Ask a complete stranger for a hug. Be a little spontaneous… do it on a bus or in an elevator or in line at the grocery store. See the reaction you get for asking someone you’ve never met for a little one on one affection.

These may seem a little on the silly side, but that’s the point. If you just can’t bring yourself to accost a complete stranger, but cant remember a time when you did something just to make you or someone else laugh, then go for it now! Play a game of duck duck goose with the neighbors kids, call and ask a store to page Seymore Butts, start a game of ding-dong-ditch. Do something just for the hell of it and tell us all about it.


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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