The past has passed…. but I’m not sure I like our future

I am so fucking tired of turning on the computer and seeing the tragic results of events that have become so common. Shootings, beatings, serial killer arsonists… if you can think it, it’s probably in the headlines today. Why? I mean, have we always been like this and it’s just a difference of social media and our ability to take pictures and video with our phones that is spreading the news like wildfire? Or has something changed so drastically that violence is becoming a part of every day life like having a bowl of cereal for breakfast? …

Yesterday, it was the shooting in a Maryland mall that killed two young people and injured several more. And today, I see a 25 year old girl with a bright future was beaten to death outside of a club that started because she accidentally walked in front of a group photo that was being taken? Are you fucking kidding me? What angers me the most is the fact that police were able to watch several videos of the beating taking place…. What the hell? What kind of person stands there while some poor girl is being beaten within an inch of their life and does NOTHING. And it wasn’t just one witness…. it was several. They all stood around with their thumbs up their asses and watched.

I hate the way we as a world are moving. I’m only 33 so it’s not as if I wasn’t mostly raised in this generation of technological advances and freedom movement. I think we strive so hard to push the freedom to do and say what we want that everything else gets lost along the way. Our ability to establish a line between what’s right and what’s wrong is blurred with the motivation to do whatever it takes to achieve the outcome we desire in certain things. So in order to achieve the freedom to do THIS we’re willing to overlook THAT to get it. (I’m probably not explaining it well, although it makes sense in my own head.)

I also love to hate the advances in technology. As much as I hate to admit the fact that I benefit from it, I hate how impersonal we’ve all become. I miss the days of snail mail and land lines. Everything has become so much easier to do that we’ve built a nation of lazy bums or people who work themselves into an early grave. Think about it… almost everything is attainable by the touch of a button. We complain about unemployment and how it’s at an all-time high, but we’ve basically put ourselves out of jobs. Who needs open stores when you can get just about anything online now? And who needs to pay someone else to do something for you when you can do it yourself online? I started doing graphic design ten years ago. Business cards, flyers, brochures, etc… but now you can’t surf the web for two minutes without seeing an advertisement for VistaPrint or others like it where there are 100s of stock designs at the click of a button. Certainly lowers the need for designers when you can do it yourself. Same goes for book covers. (Although a lot of the book cover designs I see are God awful… just sayin’). And now everyone and their brother can self-publish a book…. even if it is a pile of dog poo. My point is, the internet has made the world one big DIY fest and in as many ways as it made things easier for us, it also screwed up just as much.

Do you remember when the average person worked Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. At the end of your shift, you clocked out and went home. That was it. Now, with smart phones and tablets and every way to get a hold of someone 24/7 it’s become accepted, even expected, to work whenever it’s called for. For some, that’s great. But I miss the days when things were much simpler. And I honestly do think it’s affected our nation as a whole.


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