A Helping Hand

I came across a blog that deals with a devastating subject. One that is becoming increasingly more familiar these days and it saddens me to realize that there are so many homeless people out their today. But so many people have used and abused the situation that its tainted my view on whether I should lend a helping hand. Five years ago, I wouldn’t think twice about handing a five dollar bill (providing I had the extra money, of course) out my window to the tragic veteran holding a sign on the corner of the street. But now, so many times have I heard the stories of people who dress themselves in dirty clothes, panhandle until the sun goes down and then walk a couple of blocks over and hop into their hidden car that’s even nicer than my own, the one that I worked my ass of to pay for as a single mom. I read in the paper not too long ago about a man who was busted for doing that exact thing, hadn’t paid taxes in two years and made enough money on panhandling to double my year’s salary and then some. And even then, I’d still pass out a dollar or two if I could. But when I started to see more and more people standing in medians at red-lights, with their Please Help Feed Me signs whipping out their cell phones and talking…… I almost lost it. Because coming from personal experience, when push came to shove, my cell phone was one of the first things that went when I lost my job. Along with my internet and any side subscription to anything that I had. If it wasn’t a necessity for living on a day to day basis, it went bye bye.  So excuse me for being a bit skeptical when it comes to handing out my money to someone who was taking advantage of people who actually needed help. I think that’s what infuriates me the most. Not the fact that I could’ve given my money to someone undeserving of it, but because the people who truly need the help are being passed up because of those people. Where is the line? How do you know who to trust or not to trust when it comes to that situation? I don’t want to idly stand by as people slowly starve to death, but what more can I do when I, too, am becoming one of those in need of help?


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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