Is it a valid writing contest or scam?

Soooooo…..  I came across this Poetry and Writing contest at Dream Quest One. The top three for each category are chosen and winners receive a decent sized amount of prize money. Being a single mother, recently laid off again, I thought to myself…. what are the chances I could win?  It doesn’t seem like a highly publicized event, so I figured that would mean less entries, which would also increase my chances, right? Then, I thought I’d check out last years winners to see what sort of writings won, to get a better idea what I was up against. This is when I started thinking it seemed to easy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m Stephen King or Nora Roberts. But if you read the three winners from the writing portion, you would be a little hesitant, too. I mean, who’s to say that anyone actually gets picked? How many people just send in their $10.00 entry fee, and don’t think twice about it. They could throw up a website for a writing contest, with a minimal entry fee, write 3 short stories of their own and make up the people who wrote them, keeping all the money for themselves.  Call me paranoid…. or take a look and see for yourself. Maybe I’m just overtly cautious but the $10.00 entry fee at this point could make or break me, so I’m being extra careful.

Do I take the chance and enter? Or pretend like I never saw it? ….


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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