Just a coupla things on my mind

1. Paul Walker – I know this is last weeks news, per say, but still weighs heavily on my mind. It’s funny how sometimes you follow an actor or actress so closely that you almost feel as if you know them in reality. They are so often put in the spotlight that a lot of the time we know more about them than we know about our actual friends and family. My mom was the first to hear the news and when she told me, I admit that I actually cried for a minute. I felt silly, crying for someone I’ve never met, but in this case, I truly believe that we lost one of the “good ones”. He seems to have been a down to earth, all around great guy.

2. I am pissed. Lost Girl season 4 started a month ago on Showcase, but as it’s a Canadian show, they don’t release it here (and on SyFy) until mid-January. Even on the showcase.ca website, it has the first 4 episodes, but I can’t watch them because of the region. I have to wait until they’re available on SyFy and that just irritates me. I WANT MY KENZI.

3. I am desperately seeking a way to turn my youtube playlists into mp3s. Someone, somewhere, told me at one time that you can convert the youtube videos into .mp3 format, but I don’t remember who told me or how to do it. And I have the first 5 seasons of the Vampire Diaries that I want to convert. So… about 600 songs total.

4. I’m tired of my dogs eating my underwear.


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