Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….

So here it is. November 1. NaNo is upon me. Time to get ‘er done. Although I don’t exactly know what I’m going to get done. I have spent the last 3 weeks circling over plots. Nothing feels write. (haha. see what I did there?) Right. I’m so clever. And here I am again, procrastinating. I should have spent the last 53 words typing a story not fucking around on my blog. Gibberish. Or is it jibberish? Apparently it’s gibberish because my auto-dictionary spat red wavy lines under my jibberish. Doh. There it is again. I’m choosing to ignore it.

So I need your help. Be my muses… and I will love and cherish you forever. No really. I mean it. I’ll even hand over my first born. But I’ll warn you. She’s 11 now and a feisty ‘lil thing. You’ll probably give her right back.

I’m battling with a couple of different ideas. Do I go the massively-overdone-but-still-my-favorite route and do the zombie thing that I had planned? The only problem with that is I started in first person with my main character, then decided that I didn’t want the focus solely on her, so I have about 4 or 5 other characters that are going to be leads, too. How do I mesh 1st and 3rd person? Is it even possible?

Okay, so idea numero dos: 300 years ago, a demon is in love with the daughter of a high priest. She is destined (via prophecy or some dramatic form of godly wisdom) to die in a sacrificial event. Demon tries to protect her, but as it is written she cannot escape her fate and dies anyway. Boo hoo. Now it’s present time. Little baby girl is traumatized when her parents are killed by a very nasty demon (our poor forlorn lover) and is orphaned at a young age. She grows up under the care of her Aunt? Uncle? (someone, anyway) and discovers all sorts of mystic hooey exists unknown to us mere humans. She vows to become a hunter so she can kill the big bad that took her parents from her. In the meantime, POOF! the big bad demon leaves town for awhile, something to do with the reason he killed her parents in the first place. (they weren’t quite as innocent as they appeared….dun dun dun!!) Anyhoo, there is light magic and dark magic. She only goes after those who do harm to others. 10 years or so later, after hunter girl is grown up a bit, a skeezy witch shows up in town and does something utterly wicked, causing our dearest huntress to try to kill her. She almost (but not quite) succeeds and the witty witch escapes and goes into hiding. Enter back in our demon (he comes back to town for whatever new plot reason). Huntress cannot defeat him alone, so she ends up having no choice but to enlist the help of nasty witch who also wants demon dead (he’s trying to kill her, too? yes) Nasty witch thinks she’s smart and casts the spell to link the huntress & demon together, so that whenever huntress kills the demon, she will also be killing herself. HOWEVA, the two find out about it somehow and have to work together to break said spell. OH, by the way. From the time the huntress was a wee baby, she has been having weird flashes of dreams involving flames and heat and all that good stuff. She has been deathly afraid of fire her whole life, but for no apparent reason. Well, once the two are linked together, the flashes dial themselves up a notch and turn into whole pieces of what seem to be memories. But she’d never been in a fire before. The kicker: Huntress is really demons long lost love reincarnate and the flashes are her memories of being burned in the sacrifice (if that’s how I play it out… it may be something other than fire if I come up with a better scenario). WELL, that’s all I have so far on that one. Definitely needs some fleshing out and some gaps filled in. So if you have any thoughts or ideas, do not be afraid to send them my way. The more the merrier.

AND THEN, idea the third: FMC is walking home one day and MC falls out of the sky. (No, not really) But he does kind of appear out of thin air. Doesn’t know who he is, where he is, no memories whatsoever except for bright flashes of light. FMC tries to help MC remember who he is, blah blah blah. (Obviously need a better how-he’s-found story, but details can be figured out laterish). Fast forward to the end of story and come to find out, (again with the dun dun dun!) there are doorways between worlds. MC was able to somehow open a doorway into ours and landed here. However, the key? (dont know how or why he opened door yet so that parts not quite figured out) broke or got lost & he is unable to get home. He needs to find out who he is and how to fix it fast because since he’s not from here his body cannot withstand our environment and is slowly deteriorating. (basically like a foreign particle). I’m already thinking that this ending will surprise people and although books are supposed to have happy endings, this one not so much. If they fall in love, he is going to have to go back to his world if he finds the answers before its too late. Or, if he doesn’t find a way back, he’ll die here. And if he DOES find a way back, she can’t go with him. So it’s a lose, lose situation all around. Call me the next Nicholas Sparks. Or maybe zombies come to life and eat them all. Who knows.

ANYWAY…. so I REALLY REALLY need your help on this one folks. I’m asking those of you who would normally skip the commenting to look deep into your hearts and cough me up some advice. Tell me what you think of any of the ideas or, hell, if you have a better plot in mind (free for use of course) I’ll take that, too. Just be nice and leave me with SOMETHING to chew on.




3 thoughts on “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….

  1. C.K. Hope says:

    I’m a huge zombie fan, but story number two sounds interesting too. I don’t know what to do either, I had signed up for nano but now I’m sitting here going “ummmmmmm…”

    • Bree Salyer says:

      Haha. I know the feeling… it’s all fun & games until it actually hits Day 1 and then it feels like the most important decision you’ve ever had to make in your life. The pressure just kind of creeps up on you, lol.

  2. vickykpointing says:

    Hey Bree,

    All your story ideas sound great, but it looks as though you’ve got things pretty well pinned down for ideas 1 and 2, so perhaps go for one of those. Don’t worry about doing something that’s already been done. As Patrick Ness said at a recent event of his I went to, “It’s not about the song, it’s about the performance of the song.” Well, it made more sense when he said it. 🙂
    Apart from that, I like the idea of ‘mystic hooey’. To be honest, you can pick any story you like as long as you make a start on it. Good luck!!

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