And so it begins….


Well this is it. My first cover for 2013. Don’t worry. There will be more. I’ll try to remember to post them all here after I upload them to my DeviantArt, but if you’re truly interested in the covers, you may want to check back there every once in awhile to make sure you see them all.


Bah, my head is going to explode. On a serious note, I am so stressed. I have a very real and very serious problem. My OCD is so overwhelming that I literally feel stressed 24/7 because things are not organized. I mean, silly things. For example: I have a basket next to my bed that holds a bunch of notebooks. (I spend a LOT of time in my bedroom, generally on my laptop in bed surfing the web for inspiration or at my craft station making something. and yes, I have a HUGE bedroom). In those notebooks is ALL of the ideas I come up with/across while I’m doing whatever. The mere fact that my notes, my NOTES, are not organized bugs me so much that I think about it while I’m trying to sleep and it keeps me awake.

The fact that I don’t have enough shelves or cabinet space to be able to sort all of my craft stuff tears me apart. (And yes, I also have more craft stuff than you can possibly imagine. I mean, I have two rooms worth of materials, tools, etc that I try to fit into one space. Even though I have an office attached to my master bedroom that has 4 bookcases, PLUS all the stuff I am able to comfortably fit in my bedroom, its still not enough to make me happy.

Don’t get me started on my laptops. I have 3 PLUS a desktop computer. I buy one just so I can start over with a blank slate. But then, I end up saving everything from my old laptops onto disks so I don’t lose anything and can transfer it all to the newest computer. Now I have like 20 DVDs with bits & pieces of all the same stuff. SOOO, now I want to buy another computer JUST so I can start all over again. It’s ridiculous! and I know this is probably impossible to understand. I can’t even explain it correctly myself and I am LIVING it.

My point is that I am overwhelmed by the lack of … ability to organize? … to the point of letting it affect my mental state. I KNOW there is something wrong with me. I just wish I knew how to fix it. Or even who to talk to TO fix it. Has anyone ever experienced this sort of mental instability before? If so, PUHLEASE let me know I am not the only one.


3 thoughts on “And so it begins….

  1. M. C. Dulac says:

    Ha ha! I find the backs of envelopes very useful for sketching out plots (except I can never find the envelope again) and those freebie notebooks that come with magazines from time to time.

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