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So, I think I have been doing things ass backwards. There are a few questions that I have that I cannot seem to figure out.

1. What is the purpose of Categories vs. Tags? CATEGORIES is what all the rest of the WordPress users search (aka Topics?) and Tags are solely used for the purpose of organizing within your own blog??  I always thought that TAGS were used for search purposes and that anything tagged with a certain word would show up in a list when searching the entire WordPress kingdom. But I think I am finding out different.

(In other words, if someone TAGS their post as RMMW in reply to my post, it wouldn’t do any good if I did a search for it, right? It would have to be under CATEGORY on their post? and then I would have to search for it by topic on the reader page?) See…. I am so confused.

2. Is Freshly Pressed just a few blogs that WordPress Officials like and decide to share for others to see?

3. When you got to Recommended pages, there are only a few blogs listed for each main topic, which there aren’t even very many of. Does anyone know how those are chosen?

4. My main question is: There have got to be thousands of WordPress users. Is there a way to explore all the blogs without having to search a specific Category?? I’d love to broaden my spectrum but it seems like I keep coming across the same blogs over & over & over. What am I doing wrong? I don’t want to miss out on all the amazing posts out there just because they don’t have it marked under a specific “Category”, or whatever, that I’ve searched. (I wish there was like a “Random Blog” button or something!)


I still have a lot of questions, I just can’t remember them right now, lol. I have only been on WordPress for a couple of months, so I’m in the stages of the early learning process. That’s it for now, anyone that can give me any info I would be eternally grateful. I tried the FAQ’s and such, it still didn’t really spell it all out for me. And I need the easy-bake version. My comprehension skills are very very low sometimes. Thanks!

….Oh, I just found another one!!

5. When you add a new category, if you add it as a subcategory, is it still searchable as a parent category on the main reader page, or does it kind of end up like the tags and only used for organizational purposes?


4 thoughts on “WordPress Help

  1. Sreejit Poole says:

    Both the categories and the tags show up in the reader, but if you use too many then it doesn’t show up at all. I had heard that anymore than 15 and it wouldn’t show up but I used to do one category and 15 tags and it wouldn’t show up so now I don’t do more than 13 total and it shows up in the reader… I don’t think there is any other way than searching the reader to see all wordpress blogs, there’s is right now 70 million wordpress sites out there – they have a live stat viewer…

    • Bree Salyer says:

      Well, when I do a search for a specific TAG that I know has been used, nothing shows up, that’s why I wonder if only the Categories are searchable through the reader and the Tags are what you use once you’re in a blog itself.

  2. C.K. Hope says:

    I’ve been here over a year and I’ve no idea what the difference between tags and categories are. I do truly like the idea of a random blog button, I keep having the same problem you mentioned — cycling through the same blogs when I try to search them.

    • Bree Salyer says:

      It’s kind of infuriating at times. You would think with a community as huge as WordPress they would have a better way to navigate within their own users. Nothing too fancy, just a bit more search functionality.

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