The Other Me

Sooo… the other half of me is this, like, super crafty diva wannabe. I make everything from canvas art from shoe boxes to customized stationery and hand deco notebooks. Well, I spent the last two days setting up this dorky little store online to try to sell my stuff (seeing as I am poor and while I have spent the last three months searching for another job, one has not conveniently fallen into my lap, hence the time to craft up some things). I have very few things up at the moment, but am trying to get as much possible on just in case people feel sorry for me and actually want to buy some stuff. I do make some pretty cute Baby Subway Birth Info Art. I’ve sold a couple of those, and they’re 100% customizable. I absolutely love to design and craft things. It’s my second passion. Writing, of course, being the first. Sucks that the only two things I seem to be even relatively good at are both highly unprofitable. Is that even a real word? It doesn’t sound right. Unprofitable… unprofitable… unprofitable. Wow. Say that 5x fast. Anyway… so my point is, if you feel sorry for me (this is where I give you my puppy dog face) then check out my store B is for Breezy. <— (seriously, how cute is that?) No, I’m just kidding. But my logo is a big giant B, which stands for more than just my name IF you know what I mean… it really suits me. ;p

I am going to be adding some super awesome writing notebooks for those of us on the go. It’s the next big thing, I tell ya. And if you want me to make anything, I can’t stress enough how I LOVE custom orders. I like making things specific to people’s wants or needs much more than I like just making something for no reason. I need purpose in my craft. Hmmm… I wonder why that doesn’t apply to my life, too….




Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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