The most important post you’ll EVER read. No seriously.


But now that I’ve gotcha here…..

He-he-hello. I see you’ve stumbled onto my little slice of internet heaven.  Here’s a new little sumpin’ sumpin’ I’ve been thinking about doing and finally decided to get it goin. So let me give it to you straight:

This is a creative writing blog, duh.

1. Each day of the week I will post something to get your juices flowing. So you need to +FOLLOW me

2. You will then post your something in response to my something.

3. You will tag it RMMW &DAYOFTHEWEEK (ie: for Mythical Mondays your tag will read RMMW MONDAY) and you SHOULD also ping it by posting a link to my original day’s post. That way your response is directly connected to its host prompt. It’s not rocket science, I promise.

4. Then, sit back and relax… or read what others have to say. But your work is done until the following day. Unless I throw a random post up, whichever comes first.

See? Easy Peasy. Thems the rules. Follow them and no one gets hurt. Except maybe the people reading your awful awful writing. Just sayin’. I might be inspiring you… but I never promised to be nice about it.

Now, here’s the weekly schedule. Pay attention, it’s all in the tags, my man. or wo-man. Wooooaaaahhhh. Man.

MONDAY – “Mythical Monday” – I will post a myth, old wives tale, ghost story, urban legend, blah blah blah… YOU will do what you do and post something creative. Whether it is in written form, a photo that you took, a masterpiece you whipped together with your itty bitty hands…. whatever it may be. Just make sure you ping it & tag it RMMW MONDAY

TUESDAY – “Tune In Tuesday” – Ha. I have such a way with words. I kill me. On Tuesdays I will post a music video. Whether you find your inspiration from the lyrics, the music or the actions in the video itself, show me watcha got with the ping it & tag RMMW TUESDAY

WEDNESDAY – “Word.A.Week Wednesday” – I’m genius. Admit it. Each Wednesday I will be posting a word. Preferably one that is new and interesting and that I can learn from, but sometimes it may just be a pretty word I’ve come across a time or two. Research it. Learn it. Love it. Oh yeah, and create something with it while you’re at it. Ping it & Tag it RMMW WEDNESDAY

THURSDAY – “Truth or Dare Thursday” – Mwahahaha. Truth or Dare? Each week I will ask a question and post a dare. You can either pick a truth & write about it or choose a dare and take us on an adventure. Remember to buckle up and keep arms and legs in at all times. Pinged &Tagged RMMW THURSDAY

FRIDAY – “Foto Friday” – Okay, so I couldn’t think of an “F” word that fit. Sue me. Stating the obvious, I will post a photo each week. Go with it. Take me on a journey. But tag it so it doesn’t fly away. Ping it & tag it RMMW FRIDAY

SATURDAY – “Scenario Saturday” – I will post a full blown scenario. You will then take it from there… in any way, shape or form. Just share the love by pinging & tagging it RMMW SATURDAY

SUNDAY – “Submission Sunday” – Every Sunday, I want YOU to send me your ideas. They can come in any form, but please, be at least remotely serious. I’ll pick one to post the following week and so on and so forth…. ping it & tag it RMMW SUBMISSION

 I sincerely hope you participate and spread the word to get others to participate, too. I’m really hoping not only to meet other people but to hear, see, learn about what makes you tick and there’s no better way to do it then by using our brains and getting creative with it! Plus, I’m running out of ideas so I’m totally just going to take all yours and say they were mine.

P.S. I’m going to add this to my menu and tag it and everything to do with the weekly prompts as RMMW. All your responses will be tagged according to the days. That way everything will all be nice & tidy and all in one place.

Muah. Later biznitches.


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