What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Oh em gee. So I have spent the last two days ransacking my very tiny space for my newest plot notes and I CAN’T FIND THEM! I remember it was very late at night and I had written them in my notebook. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. I only have a million notebooks scattered from one end of earth to the other. I mean, I literally have them everywhere. In my purse, piled in a magazine basket next to my bed (those are the most used ones), on my back porch, in the game room, I even have one in the bathroom (HEY you never know when a good idea may hit – its always smart to have pen & paper handy!)

And because it was very late at night, I was in one of those frantic get-it-all-written-down-before-I-crash-and-dont-remember-anything phases. Honestly, I really should be working on Dark Days, any way. But I have too many ideas running around in my head and I can never settle on just one. Maybe that’s why it always feels as if it’s going to explode?

HA!! I found it…. Woulda bit me in the ass if it had been any closer. Cheese & Rice! It must be my natural blond growing back through the many years of burgundy. So…. new adult urban fantasy series FTW. Vampires and shapeshifters and witches, oh my!



Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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