80’s Prom for Breast Cancer



Dance for the Cure!

So, I’ve been working on the graphic design for a couple of simple little event flyers & tickets, etc for a fundraiser that my best friend is organizing up in Connecticut. However, being down here in Florida there’s not a whole lot I can do as far as attending the event itself… although I wish I could. An 80’s prom?!? Who wouldn’t! It’s actually a pretty amazing little setup she’s got this year… silent auctions, prizes, even a Prom King & Queen. You can read more about it at 80’s Prom or add her on Facebook.

So I thought I’d try to at least come up with some sort of way to assist in the fundraising effort. I found this nifty little site called gofundme.com that allows you to setup a page asking for donations. If you’re not in the CT area but would still be interested in donating, I’d greatly appreciate it! You can check it out HERE.

Later gators!


2 thoughts on “80’s Prom for Breast Cancer

    • breezybealle says:

      Yes ‘am, I did happen to create the logo! Glad you like it. And that would be awesome… any little bit would help out! I just wish I had a broader audience to spread the word. I only have until September 21st. 😦

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