HELP! In Search of a Character

I NEED YOUR HELP. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, so I am having a hard time connecting with a character that I have semi-developed in my head. I get where I want to go with him, but something is not clicking. He is in his late 20’s, works as an in-home care provider for the elderly and loves his job. He loves taking care of other people. That probably stems from the fact that he has been providing for his sick mother and little brother for the past five years or so. I picture him as hispanic and his name is Steve. Just for some reason, I feel nothing about him and for me to truly write, I need to be in love with my character, good or evil.

I plan to have him leaving second shift around 2-3pm when my “apocalypse” (dun dun dun) is starting to gain ferocity. He’s going to be ready to leave his current position as the first onset hits him. I’m not sure whether to begin it inside the home or as he’s leaving the residence so I don’t even delve into the elderly character at all. Then, it’s his struggle to make it back to his little brother and bed-ridden mother to keep them safe, etc.  Just for some reason, I can’t quite get into the whole scenario even though I have it relatively worked out in my head.

So what am I doing wrong?? Any tips, pointers, ideas, suggestions??? I’d be grateful for anything my wonderful followers or those who just happen by could provide. HELP ME GET THE STORY FLOWING!!! Even if it means changing the entire character. Got someone in mind? Throw ’em at me… Have a line or two to start the scene? Throw that at me, too. Beggars can’t be choosers. ;D


3 thoughts on “HELP! In Search of a Character

  1. lovelylici1986 says:

    He needs flaws. What’s wrong with him? Does he have inner demons? What issues does he need to overcome within himself? That’s what really connects us with characters. Their inner struggles. Maybe that’s what you’re missing?

  2. breezybealle says:

    Hmmm… dark secrets and inner demons? Maybe a part of him doesn’t want to go home because he’s scared that when he gets there, if they are dead, a deep down part of him may be a bit relieved that he no longer has to constantly take care of them? So although his outer main goal seems to be getting home, subconsciously he keeps finding himself in situations that prolong his final destination.

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