The Zombie Diaries…. Day 2

Monday, August 5, 2013

There is definitely something fucking wrong here. With Lexi being gone, I was jumping at shadows but I had convinced myself that it was just my overactive imagination and that everything was perfectly fine. No monsters under the bed. Well, guess what. The monsters may not be under my bed, but a bunch of fucked up crazy people are wandering around.

I took the dogs for a walk this morning. I noticed something was up right away because they were both acting funny. They were super quiet but their fur was all tuffed up like they were looking for a fight. But I kept walking ’em anyway, there was nothing around that I could see. It was barely dawn so it was still pretty dark out. I could see the street but beyond that the fog was, well, foggy. I was passing by the Studyak’s place when I saw that the front door was open. Which was strange in the first place, but what made it even weirder was that the light wasn’t on inside.

I pulled Zeus and Aries into the yard and crept up to the door. Both dogs started to growl low in the back of their throats. I should’ve turned and hauled ass right then. But I didn’t. Curiosity won out and I stepped inside the house. I called out but no one answered. So I called again. I heard a shuffling sound coming from the direction of the kitchen, but I couldn’t see much of anything.

“Hello?” My voice boomed against the quiet. The shuffling sound came again and I turned in time to see a flash of red and a shadow fly at me from what seemed like nowhere. It rammed into me, pushing me backward clear across the room with the force of a train. I laid there, stunned, as Mr. Studyak came into view, his face contorted, saliva dripping from his lips, eyes almost glowing red in the darkness. I knew my life was over as he lunged at me and I slammed my eyes shut, throwing my arms in front of my face like that would do a bit of damn good. I heard a growl and then a thump and before I knew it, Zeus had a hold of the man’s neck and was shaking him back and forth, jaw tensed, teeth locked into his skin. Without thinking twice, I scrambled from my position and ran back out the front door, headed as quickly as I could to my own house.

“911. What’s your emergency?” I finally heard after the fifth attempt at calling and getting an automated response that “all lines were busy”. Let me tell you there’s nothing scarier than trying to call 911 and NOT being able to get through. It’s like having that dream where your feet are moving but you’re not actually running anywhere and something really big and bad is after you. Yeah, it’s like that. But worse.

“My neighbor… just… attacked me.” I said, still out of breath from all the action.

“Is anyone hurt?” the operator asked in a deep voice.

“Well, there was something wrong with him when he attacked me. He looked… I don’t know. Sick.”

“What is the address?” he asked.

“5132 Escalon Drive.” I could hear him typing as I spoke. “But wait, that’s not where he is. It happened at his house. I don’t know his exact address. It’s around the corner from here.”

“Tell me exactly what happened.”

“I was walking my dogs… oh God, the dogs!” my voice trailed off as I remembered I’d left them behind.

“Ma’am? Are you there?” his voice snapped me back to reality.

“Sorry. I was walking the dogs, and their front door was open. When I went inside to see if everything was okay, Mr. Studyak ransacked me in the living room.”

“So, let me get this straight. You entered his home without his permission and he attacked you?” If he emphasized he one more time, he was going to get an earful.

“Yes… No… Well, not like that. There’s something wrong with him. He was all fugly and crazy like.”

“Fugly?” the operator asked.

“Never mind. Could you just send someone out to check on him? My dog attacked him when he attacked me and I ran out of there. I don’t know how he is.”

“Stand by, I’m sending someone out right now. We’re overloaded with calls today but someone will be there as soon as they can. Do not go back to his house. The best thing for you to do is stay put until an officer contacts you at your residence.”

I hung up the phone. Screw that, I thought. First thing I did was grab my keys, head out the front door and hop into my jeep. I’m going back to get my dogs.

A minute later, I was driving two streets over when I saw Aries running freely up someone’s driveway, headed straight to the door of a little red pick-up truck. He stopped, barked once and sat on his heels, as if waiting for a response. I stopped the jeep in the middle of the road and got out, leaving the drivers side door opened as I called to him.

“Aries!” his tail wagged and he faced me, but continued to sit where he was. “Aries, come!” I tried again. His single bark told me that there was something in that truck. I walked closer, glancing back to the street to make sure no one else was driving by, until I made it to Aries. “What is it, boy?” I asked, petting the top of his head. I wrapped my hands around my eyes and peered into the window of the truck’s cab, nearly losing my breakfast in the process. Remains of what once was a human being were strewn from the drivers side to the passenger’s seat, dark brown blood caked on the dashboard and surrounding windows. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen and I couldn’t get away fast enough.

I turned on my heel and ran back to the idling jeep, calling to Aries with a whistle and his name, this time in a tone he didn’t refute. His sixty pound frame jumped in the open back and I took off in search of Zeus. I prayed he was still okay. After all, I had no clue what happened after I ran from the Studyak’s house.

I drove straight to the scene of it all, but by then an ambulance and police cruiser were there and I didn’t want to caught up in what I was doing there. So I drove past and back to my house, where, to my extreme relief, sat Zeus. Head cocked to the side, little nub of a tail wagging, waiting patiently for me on the front porch. I had never been so happy to see him in my life. I parked the jeep and Aries jumped out, almost colliding with Zeus as he reached the porch at full speed.

When the three of us were safely inside the house, I walked out onto the back porch, sat on the Adirondack chair that I bought three years ago at a craft festival and lit a cigarette.


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