CHARACTER: twin sisters Pepper & Bee

Name: Penelope Cotton
Nickname: Pepper
Age: 14-15
Personality: Pepper is sweet, friendly and immature. She’s very idealistic and expects the world to be fair. She’s the older twin, but she is treated like a baby most of the time. She loves art, especially sculpting. Pepper also enjoys cooking, which she is spectacularly bad at, and has a penchant for adding far too much spice. She’s a little naive and relies on her sister for a lot of things.
Appearance: Pepper has shoulder-length curly blond hair and blue eyes. She’s about 5″5 and wears bright colors with paint-splattered jeans and is almost always smiling.

Name: Beatrice Cotton
Nickname: Bee (family only)
Age: 14-15
Personality: Beatrice is the responsible twin. She’s a little resentful of Pepper for needing so much looking after and making friends so easily. Beatrice struggles to trust people, loves jazz music, and gets reasonable grades without doing much studying. She mostly focuses on looking after other people, and always thinks things through.
Appearance: Beatrice has short curly blond hair which is always tied in an inch-long ponytail, a heart-shaped face and blue eyes. She loves skinny jeans.

History: When they were two, their mother left to travel the world. Their father was heartbroken. Growing up, their aunt (their mother’s sister) was their mother figure. Recently their father has started dating again, which Pepper and Beatrice are not happy about.

[Credit:]  StrawberryFields@NaNoWriMo


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