IDEAS: Zombies

Different Types:
Voodoo:   awakened & resurrected
Parasitic: takes over the brain/nervous system
Virus:      flesh-eating

– Witch doctor helps to resurrect someone from the dead. This person/thing comes back semi-normal at first. Then starts to crave flesh. Finally bites someone and causes a chain reaction.

– Group on an island. Gets bitten by some rare monkey thing or falls victim of some African Voodoo tribe legend.

– Small fishing town on island? Only way on/off is by ferry, which is how the story could end…. (they escape and blow up the entire island??) etc…

– still retain human function; slowly develop an uncontrollable desire to tear into human flesh.

– once infection is over, the military tries to hunt down the last survivors to make sure the virus is contained.

– Eating lunch at school when zombies hit the cafeteria. Everyone panics and a bunch of people get stuck in the school.Some are able to grab groups & make it out. Those that do head to each of their houses before escaping to grab their families & things.

– jogging at night in a dark alley and up ahead is someone coming my way……

– Works at a personal care facility. Sees one trudging up to the house. Grab as many supplies as they can. As they’re loading the car they take out a single zombie w/a crowbar that’s in trunk. After that one’s down, 3-5 more show up, picking up pace & shrieking. Anyone else coming? .. Heads home, rounds up more supplies and doesn’t know what else to do so starts to barricade home & tries to create a reinforced perimeter. Eventually that gets run down so they have to move from house to house, gathering supplies & picking up more people. Eventually even end up with a semi-truck that can house them all for the time being & also lets them travel from city to city looking for a perfect place to permanently settle.  [Fortified camp with cinder block bldgs. 10 acres or so with a stream for irrigation. Triple chain link perimeter fencing with a 50ft trench system. Barn animals & crops. As well for water. Ammunition & One rifle + handgun for each person. Solar Panels for power …. (you know, just a thought!!)]


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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