Silky– a giant spider, the size of a Terrier dog or a Corgi. She can’t speak english, but she can understand it. She’s intelligent, friendly, and loyal; she adores her owner. Enjoys getting belly rubs and having her long, silky fur brushed. Has a habit of bringing her owner small animals that she’s caught (she even gift-wraps them in spider silk).

* Ideally, Silky should have a loving owner. Like, an owner who thinks it’s adorable whenever the spider brings him/her a dead animal, and will spend up to an hour rubbing her belly and saying what a “cutesy-wutesy little spider” she is! The owner should also be oblivious to people’s discomfort around the giant spider.

[credit:] marley-the-fantasy-geek @ NaNoWriMo


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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